5 feb. 2014

Introducing 'P.S. Beauty' Make Up Range | Primark

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Hi beautylovers.

Monday I had my first real Primark experience, me and my sweet friend went from Belgium to the Netherlands (Eindhoven) to visit the fashion-paradise. (Actually it's just across the border) It was like Disneyland really...

Bought me some shoes, a handbag, a blouse, t-shirt, some necklaces... and I'm really proud of the items. They don't look cheap at all and are totally fashionable: exactly what we all girls need.

I'm definitely going back in a month because I got my eye on the makeup section. 
You can see in the video the colors are fresh and the pigmentation is actually really good. 
Spring is coming so we can see a lot of pastel colors.

Let me know if you actually used Primark Make Up products, and how you experienced them. I'm especially interested in the brushes. Share your thoughts!

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