8 dec. 2013

Perfect winterlooks (eyeliner/nails)

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Hi girls, found on the Maybeline facebook some eyeliner inspiration that I want to share with you: 
Which eyeliner is more your style? 

Further I bought some deepblue nailpolish that I'm wearing today. I bought it in our local store Action, also known in the Netherlands. The brand is Max & More. The polish is really thick so it covers the nail really well. It was +/- €1,00 euros, so unbelievable cheap.
Think this is the perfect wintercolor? What do you think?


2 opmerkingen :

  1. Prachtige kleur op die nageltjes van jou, sweetie! <3
    Very winterish! ;-) xo

    1. ooh you are just too sweet, is toch al een begin :D. Ik doe echt véél te weinig mijn nagels... "Start to nailpolish" ;) xx