6 dec. 2013


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Man I'm eating myself sick today in chocolate, mandarins, ginger cookies, candy... 
In Belgium we have Santa but also something similar.. Sinterklaas.
The good old man is spoiling us with candy! Tomorrow I'm starting my diet again, if they aren't enough cookies left...

Laura denkt | 2012 | september

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  1. So happy you stopped by my blog, now I get to visit your. Lovely blog! I'll follow from now on. I'm a chocolate lover my self, sweets are so tempting... wish you the best on your diet. Fruits and veggies works for me. :))

    Much Love,

    1. Thank you for your kind words.
      Today I did like you said: fruits and veggies. Tomorrow I'm restarting my Weight Watchers program. It's over a month.. so I just have to work on it. Maybe I'm going to start running too. I'll keep you guys posted about that. Great blog you have girl! xo,

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    1. Haha! ja vandaag is er nog een ventje gesneuveld :'(, hihi :), morgen restarting ww. Ga je meedoen? xo