2 dec. 2013

Winter/party makeup

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After my makeup post I thought it would be nice to share with you one of the results. 
I did the makeup of myself (left) and my sweet friend Esther (right), you can find her blog here: Fashionestra.
I kept my makeup quiet natural and simple.. just foundation of Loreal Infaillible, color: sand. Finished it up with some sandy loose powder (any brand is good), and some eyeliner. My mascara is from mac. 
Esther (fashionestra), I gave a blue smokey eye. I used 3 colors for this: on the end of the eye dark blue and on the inside I went lighter. I finished up with her favorite mascara Maybeline volum' express. And used a lot of eyeliner for a vavavoom effect. 

The mascara I was talking about: 
mac haute & naughty lash mascara with two brushes: one for the day (haute/high) and night (naughty).
It doesn't stick and has a long effect, perfect but pricy.

Not so pricy but with a volumious and curly effect is the Volum'espress Colossal cat eyes (the one Esther is using). I think it looks amazing on her!


Please leave a comment and tell us what you think. If you got some ideas for other party/winterlooks.. pls share, also if you want to see Esther's entire look visite her blog ;) xo

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