30 dec. 2013

What if Barbie looked like a 'normal' girl

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This I had to share. Artist Nicoklay Lamm from mydeals.com made a new Barbie based on
the measurements of an average 19-year old teenager. I think the result is cute.
It's a good idea to sell Barbies with different body types.  So will the kids have different realistic images instead of a false one. Go Barbie!

29 dec. 2013

New year's eve makeup ideas

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These girls are inspiring me for my makeup for Tuesday... New year's eve.
I just can't choose, the girls look truly a m a z i n g!

<p>Kendall Jenner straalt met die rode lipstick en gitzwarte mascara. </p>
Kendal Jenner (Kardashian sis) got it right. Simple dark brown eye-makeup (lashes) and beautiful red lips. Thé vamp look.

<p><em>We love</em> de dieprode lippen van Selena Gomez. Combineer met een vleugje goud op de ogen en blush in crèmetextuur. </p>
Héllo Gomez! Selena used a aubergine lipstick with a glossy effect. She lightened up her eyes with gold. The lashes are very voluminous and curly... obviously false lashes.   Her foundation is a warm brown color. 

<p>Jessica Biel houdt het op zilvergrijze oogschaduw en nudekleurige lipstick.</p>
Damn she's hot! Jessica Biel went for a nude look. So a thick foundation she used all over her face, and a nude lip-color. A peachy color she used on her cheekbones. Very natural... the boys love that. 
Silver + silver grey on her eyes. The inner corners are lighter.. the outsides darkgrey. Probably she used false eyelashes.. long ones. But you can create this look with a lot of layers. 

9 dec. 2013

Model Yamuna

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One of my two best friends just had a photoshoot in Antwerp and I'm so proud of her.
Here are some of the results + comments on the makeup and hair.

It's quiet unbelievable but she didn't use foundation. Some skintypes just don't really need it and she is one of them. She did use some bronze powder. Her eyes she did dramatic with some dark brown, and also a cateye with eyeliner. The bigger the eyes the better, for this photoshoot she used some false lashes too. Yamuna is definitely the proof that beautiful eyebrows are big.. she made them darker with some brown eyebrowpowder. This will make the eyes even more beautiful. The finishing touch are the lips: heavy red, same for the nails.
Yamuna did curl the tips with an curling iron, but kept it natural. I know her hair can curl even more when we went surfing :). A while ago she died the ends honey ombre. 

Hopefully I'll do here makeup next time, but I think she did an incredible job herself, what do you think?  Compliments for the outfit too. 

Model: Yamuna Vanderheyden (Antwerp, Belgium)
Photographer: Nelly Oliha (Antwerp, Belgium)
The other pictures of her you can find on: Photography Nelly Oliha Facebook 

8 dec. 2013

Perfect winterlooks (eyeliner/nails)

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Hi girls, found on the Maybeline facebook some eyeliner inspiration that I want to share with you: 
Which eyeliner is more your style? 

Further I bought some deepblue nailpolish that I'm wearing today. I bought it in our local store Action, also known in the Netherlands. The brand is Max & More. The polish is really thick so it covers the nail really well. It was +/- €1,00 euros, so unbelievable cheap.
Think this is the perfect wintercolor? What do you think?


6 dec. 2013


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Man I'm eating myself sick today in chocolate, mandarins, ginger cookies, candy... 
In Belgium we have Santa but also something similar.. Sinterklaas.
The good old man is spoiling us with candy! Tomorrow I'm starting my diet again, if they aren't enough cookies left...

Laura denkt | 2012 | september

5 dec. 2013

24 hours spam

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Do you have an interesting blog? Leave the link of it as a comment.


4 dec. 2013

Rock your glasses

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Traditionally glasses were for snobs and not fashionable. Nowadays it's thé fashionitem if you want to look 'geekchic', and no it's not only for hipsters. There are a lot of fashionable glasses and it can bring an extra dimension to your look. Plus... sometimes it's just so handy. My eyes for example can be tired of the lenses so I take my glasses and wear them proudly. But glasses can make your eyes look smaller and that's something we don't want.

So this is what I do: I use some eyeliner and I'm not afraid to put a thick line.
I mostly go for a cat eye and use a liquid eyeliner with a hard pencil.
I don't use pencils from a expensive brand.. this is from 2b, a brand from a local drugstore. You have to be careful with that because there are eyeliners at the market that are very messy. My advice: choose a brand.. but a cheap one.

tumblr mpoi2kpT551qzqy00o1 500 missmerli:

Want the perfect cat eye? Here is an easy four step...

1. The trick is to make a line that makes an angle to the end of your eyebrow.
You can use an other pencil to hold it  from the end of your eye to the end of your brows.
You make the line as big as you feel comfortable with.

2. Then you go back to your eye.. and make a triangle and stop at the middle of your eye.

3. Fill up the triangle.

4. Make sure the color is against your eyelashes. 

Et voila!

A good tip is to wear you're glasses with proud B-) and not to hide behind your glasses.
This is me with my ombre Rayban.  You can also see that I kept my foundation warm. My hair has an ombre too..
Makeup Tips For Gals With Glasses | {via The Glitter Guide}
Love this look. She keeps her foundation neutral and goes for a cat eye and colorful lips. This is how you can rock your glasses ladies!

3 dec. 2013

Knuckle rings

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The knuckle ring.. you either hate it or you love it. 
I think it's very elegant and tough at the same time. They're just lovely.
What do you guys think?

you can find them on http://uncovet.com/

The scarf

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So proud of my ZARA-scarf, it's so big and warm that I just can keep wearing my thin leather jackets without freezing something off ;). But also it's very fashionable with his two sided patterns: red and black-white plaid. You can pick a side or just can show the two sides off by twisting the scarf. I already can't live without it. What do you guys think? 

2 dec. 2013

Winter/party makeup

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After my makeup post I thought it would be nice to share with you one of the results. 
I did the makeup of myself (left) and my sweet friend Esther (right), you can find her blog here: Fashionestra.
I kept my makeup quiet natural and simple.. just foundation of Loreal Infaillible, color: sand. Finished it up with some sandy loose powder (any brand is good), and some eyeliner. My mascara is from mac. 
Esther (fashionestra), I gave a blue smokey eye. I used 3 colors for this: on the end of the eye dark blue and on the inside I went lighter. I finished up with her favorite mascara Maybeline volum' express. And used a lot of eyeliner for a vavavoom effect. 

The mascara I was talking about: 
mac haute & naughty lash mascara with two brushes: one for the day (haute/high) and night (naughty).
It doesn't stick and has a long effect, perfect but pricy.

Not so pricy but with a volumious and curly effect is the Volum'espress Colossal cat eyes (the one Esther is using). I think it looks amazing on her!


Please leave a comment and tell us what you think. If you got some ideas for other party/winterlooks.. pls share, also if you want to see Esther's entire look visite her blog ;) xo

29 nov. 2013

Angora wool

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Lana Del Rey with a pretty jumper but... there is more to it!


Angora wool comes from the angora rabbit. Normally they have to use loose fur. In a video of PETA they show us that mostly they are using the WHOLE fur, so they pluck the animals bald. This must be very hurtful for the animals. Therefor H&M stops working with this industries and they're taking the fur out of the stores. Go H&M, so proud of you! Other brands... leave the bunnies alone, you too sweet Lana...  
Permalink voor ingesloten afbeelding

28 nov. 2013

How to use makeup (the basic)

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Good makeup is all a girl needs.. well that's my point of view, and I admit I can't live without it.
Yesterday they were two girls in a shop.. just talking about makeup. The girls were telling each other they were afraid to use it. The key word however is practice.
I started to do makeup when I was 13 years old.. just at home. I loved my mothers case.

How to Prevent Your Foundation from Turning Orange
When I was 16 I started to use foundation (the brown stuff)... and I admit I had my blunders: too brown, too light, forgetting my neck.. I  did it all. The teenage boys in my class would always asking me: why you use it, stay natural. The truth was.. using makeup to look natural was the hardest thing. 
I said was.. now I'm 23 and it's just 5 minutes and I'm done. Don't be afraid it doesn't have to cost you 7 years to learn. Now in the world of blogs, YouTube, Pinterest you're going to learn fast. The only question is: are you ready to get started?

1. Concealer
They all say something else.. so I'm just going to share what works for me.
Pick a color lighter than your foundation/skincolor. Bring it UNDER your eyes + a little bit on your cheeks (check picture below). The concealer has to be thick: a stick is a good idea.
Use  finger to blend. If it looks light.. don't worry: the foundation (2) will go over it and makes it darker anyway.
If you want a brand.. MAC is always a good investment.
Concealer How to.

2. Foundation
The hard part: picking a good foundation.. better to go lighter than to go to brown. 
It's just not good that people are seeing to hard that you are wearing makeup. Stay classy, so stay natural. You can always make yourself 'browner' with powder afterwards.. so don't worry. 
Pick a store with good lightening to check the foundation on your hand: choose one with a yellow undertone, better than a pink one: again to stay natural. 
Beginners keep 1 color for ALL  the face, experienced girls can use more colors to get dept.
Good brand: Loreal Infaillible (I use sand, when I was younger darker: honey)
Also of course Mac (like always)
All About Proportions

3. Powder
Powder your whole face with one good NATURAL (keyword) color: keep it simple. This is the trick to let the makeup stay for hours. Use your brush but don't take the makeup OFF your face with it. 
Any brand is good, loose powder is better (it doesn't stick at one place).

Create dept with BLUSHING POWDER. Here you can choose your own thing. Just don't overdo it. 
Pink.. on top of your cheeks. (OVAL SHAPED girls)
Brown (a little bit), on the sides of your cheeks. (SQUARE SHAPED girls)
How to Apply Blush According to Your Face Shape

4. Finish it.
Here you can go as far as you want... 
Putting mascara on isn't really a problem for a lot of people (good job!). Just don't forget to actually use it... it's the basic for a clean and healthy look. What I think it's important that you divide your eyelashes.. hate when they stick together. Have fun chicas, the world of makeup just opened for you, questions? Just ask!
Applying mascara is one of the most basic make-up tricks in the book but I always like to try out new ways to apply it and see what creates the best, most effective look.


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A fashionpost.. for my bestie Fashionestra (go check this belgian Carrie Bradshaw).Trying to keep up with you doll, but also.. you asked for a new post, so here it is. Of course for you dear visitors, just trying to share a piece of my style.  

The shoes... yes please

This girl got it all. Going for this hairstyle myself. 

The whole thing please.
plaid + stripes
Plaid and stripes.. why not?

24 nov. 2013

New girl

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Started watching the show New Girl and I totally love it.
The first episode however is pretty weird!
But you just have to give it a chance... and you'll see it becomes a good kind of weird. The story is about a girl (of course).. who moves in with 3 other guys after her breakup. She is a girly-girl who likes to sing and is extremely positive.. little miss sunshine. With her ridiculous cuteness, she brings out the best in people. The show is funny too and it is just 20 minutes per episode, but enough time to bring a smile on your face. I got a new role model... who's that girl?? It's Jess.

new girl - Buscar con Google
MAUVAISE FOI | via Tumblr

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Don't let other people bring you down...  Facebook

20 nov. 2013

Liebster Blog Award

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I was nomitaned on Liebster Blog Award by Solya from http://filmsandpies.blogspot.be and kate from http://kateshortt.blogspot.be . These blogs is amazing, and on another (better) level than mine! I'm still in shock that I'm nominated... just started my blog and I haven't enough confidence yet.  

What each nominee has to do:

1. List 11 random facts about themselves.
2. Answer the 11 questions provided by the blogger who nominated them.
3. Choose 11 more nominees (who must have 200 followers or less) and ask them 11 questions

11 Random Facts

1. I got really long curly brown/ombre hair, brown eyes and I'm 168 cm. I was born in April so I'm a Taurus, and yes I can be pretty stubborn sometimes ;). 
2. I'm still going to college to become a teacher (primary school). 
3. I loveee English.. even more than my own language dutch but I still have to learn.. so much. I'm also speaking French and a little bit of German like most Belgians do. 
4. I'm so addicted to series... always watching something! A lot of girly stuff are on my watched list: PLL, Gossip girl, Desperate housewives, Sex and the City... but also supernatural stuff like The vampire diaries, Games of thrones, True blood, ... If you have some recommendations, bring it on ;). 
5. And of course a bit of a movie addict too! Love all genres except horror... ;), chicken pants. 
6. I'm only reading books after seeing a movie, I'm always curious how it ends. So then I'm reading like a maniac,.. after that I'm satisfied for a half year. 
7. My huge dream is to renovate my own house and of course becoming a TEACHER.
8. Love food, so I'm always struggeling with my weight. You win some, you loose some. But I'm not extreme fat or something.. just well-rounded haha. 
9. I love to sing... but sometimes I'm still scared what others think of my voice.
10. I got to much clothes... actually I got a big walk in closet, and I'm still have nothing to wear. I sound so spoiled but, it's the truth. I just always looking for something beautiful with a good (cheap) price. But I'm not the best combiner, always doubting.. mostly picking clothes ends with me throwing everything on the floor :/. 
11. I love my dog: ROXy. Sweet NON-active Jack Russel of mine.

                                                               Solya's Questions

1. If you could choose any superpower, what it would be? And why.
Then I want to live for ever. Don't want to leave this earth.. love life too much!
2. Name top five your favorite films ever. 
Twilight, Dirty Dancing II, Step up II, Beauty and the beast, Aladdin. Just the classics.
3. Could you join the Dark side just because they have cookies?:)
Haha no I'm a good girl, but stay off my chocolate I will transform!
4. What's in your playlist right now?
Not really am listening to a playlist nowadays... love the radio. 
5. City or suburbs? Why?
I'm a suburbs girl.. but just living 20 minutes of the city of Antwerp. Think that's the best scenario. Although I think it's amazing to live in New York City, the heart of the world.  
6. If you could have a dinner with one (or even two!) artists or characters, who would it be? 
Alex Pettyfer, is pretty hot ;). So that will do! 
7. What's your favorite place in the world? 
Barcelona: tapas, sea, sun, shopping, dancing... best ever.
8. What is your biggest passion?
Teaching, travelling...
9. Do sing in a shower?
Yes, always the easiest songs. 
10. What are you proud about?
Of my boyfriend, we're 7 years an item.. and I love love love him. 
11. If you could choose the time of living, would you stay in the 21 century or not? And why?
The time of Marylin Monroe... the time of beauty, manner and class!

                                                               My Questions

1. Do you have a pet? Why/not.
2. If you had all the money of the world... what's the first thing you would do?
3. What is your guilty pleasure? 
4. What do you love the most in live?
5. Are you interested in history? Why not?
6. What is thé fashion-item, according to you?
7. What's your favorite place near/in your house? 
8. What do you think about shoes?
9. Do you sport?
10. What is your dream?
11. If you could choose a man, for his looks, who would it be?