2 jan. 2014

The best afterparty- mask

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shy and careless

After all the partying your skin needs a treat.
We love to dance on the table and to drink champagne... then we forget to wash all the makeup off. Yes I'm guilty too, I love to put a new face on with foundation and powder, but don't clean my skin like it should.  I have to underline girls... cleaning your face IS necessary, your skin will look older if you don't. Don't believe me? This is what they found out with a experiment on the program The Drs:

 This woman didn't washes her face for a month... and that is what you see on her skin.
See here the whole thing: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/16/makeup-premature-aging-_n_3936828.html Next time you're feeling lazing to wash your face before bed, you better think twice ;).

Make an avocado mask to relax the skin. Make sure that your skin is clean first, use a mild soap. Mix a little bit of honey (so it get sticky) with a avocado. Leave it for 15 minutes then rinse off. You'll feel so much better and your skin will feel fresh. You will get the full spa effect if you'll add some cucumber slices on your eyes. Simple and effective, just the way we like it. Tip! Use rosewater as finishing touch... to close your pores. Have fun with it!

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  1. wow that's crazy! Now I'm scared and I'll probably never forget to wash my face...for like a month and then I'll probably forget to wash my face one day because I can be pretty lazy!
    Love the idea of an avocado mask! I am obsessed with avocado (I'd probably eat more than I would use in the mask to be honest)
    haha great post! Happy New Year!

    1. haha, yeah but don't forget she got makeup on the before picture ;). But if I'm very honest my skin isn't so clean as it was before... I don't got acne or something but some red spots. Now I'm making sure I wash my face with a neutral soap.
      The advocado idea is simple and effective, just the way we like it ;). Thnx for the reaction. XoXo Happy New Year too

  2. Love avocado, gotta try this mask asap! I have all the ingredients. Cheers :))


    1. That's just what I love... it's so simple haha. Thnx doll. xo