10 jan. 2014

Smokey eyes tutorial, step by step

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Smokey eyes are perfect to put your eyes in the spotlights. With this look you get more mysterious and sexy so thé look for a night out... but did you know that there are different kind of smokey eyes, even for a work/schoolday? Just watch and learn.. and/or get inspired!

1. Total black
10 Irresistible Smokey Eyes Tutorials
First you put black on your eyelid. Make a beautiful bow (just like the picture), perfect to make your eyes bigger.  Put some of the black also under the eye: you're eyes get bigger! Then (3), use a business card to make a perfect wing. (6) Don't forget to make a Kayal-line in your eyes.
(8) Smokey eyes are all about blending; take dark brown shadow ... and blend it with the black on the bow.  (11) you can use some shimmer under your eyebrows.
2. The smokey eyes: 3 colors
Different way to make a smokey eye (a way that I prefer) is to blend with 3 colors: working from dark to light. Here we have: Black, Grey, Light grey
First start with the darkest color on the end of your eye. Make a perfect bow.
In the middle we put grey (or other color). Then we finish up with the lightest color (light grey)... and we blend it from the inner corner to the end (the black).
Classic smokey eye. DIY!
This is the basic and can be used with other colors!
... get it?

dummies guide to eyeshadow. You only really need 3 colors for a smokey #Cosmetic

3. Neutral smokey eyes
So now you know the basics. Now you can do this with lighter colors... for an everyday look.
Mostly you use 3 colors... But honestly you can do it with 2 too, just BLEND.. 

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