9 dec. 2013

Model Yamuna

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One of my two best friends just had a photoshoot in Antwerp and I'm so proud of her.
Here are some of the results + comments on the makeup and hair.

It's quiet unbelievable but she didn't use foundation. Some skintypes just don't really need it and she is one of them. She did use some bronze powder. Her eyes she did dramatic with some dark brown, and also a cateye with eyeliner. The bigger the eyes the better, for this photoshoot she used some false lashes too. Yamuna is definitely the proof that beautiful eyebrows are big.. she made them darker with some brown eyebrowpowder. This will make the eyes even more beautiful. The finishing touch are the lips: heavy red, same for the nails.
Yamuna did curl the tips with an curling iron, but kept it natural. I know her hair can curl even more when we went surfing :). A while ago she died the ends honey ombre. 

Hopefully I'll do here makeup next time, but I think she did an incredible job herself, what do you think?  Compliments for the outfit too. 

Model: Yamuna Vanderheyden (Antwerp, Belgium)
Photographer: Nelly Oliha (Antwerp, Belgium)
The other pictures of her you can find on: Photography Nelly Oliha Facebook 

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    1. Ja vind ik ook, echt wel een post waardig ;). thnx for the comment xo

  3. I've nominated you for a Liebster award! All the information is here: http://amateuraglow.blogspot.ca/2013/12/liebster-award.html.

  4. Ik vind de foto's heel erg mooi gemaakt, en haar haar is zo mooi!

    1. Lief dat je reageert. Ja heel mooi lang haar, zo weinig mogelijk laten knippen is de boodschap en goed verzorgen met bv. arganolie xo