29 dec. 2013

New year's eve makeup ideas

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These girls are inspiring me for my makeup for Tuesday... New year's eve.
I just can't choose, the girls look truly a m a z i n g!

<p>Kendall Jenner straalt met die rode lipstick en gitzwarte mascara. </p>
Kendal Jenner (Kardashian sis) got it right. Simple dark brown eye-makeup (lashes) and beautiful red lips. Thé vamp look.

<p><em>We love</em> de dieprode lippen van Selena Gomez. Combineer met een vleugje goud op de ogen en blush in crèmetextuur. </p>
Héllo Gomez! Selena used a aubergine lipstick with a glossy effect. She lightened up her eyes with gold. The lashes are very voluminous and curly... obviously false lashes.   Her foundation is a warm brown color. 

<p>Jessica Biel houdt het op zilvergrijze oogschaduw en nudekleurige lipstick.</p>
Damn she's hot! Jessica Biel went for a nude look. So a thick foundation she used all over her face, and a nude lip-color. A peachy color she used on her cheekbones. Very natural... the boys love that. 
Silver + silver grey on her eyes. The inner corners are lighter.. the outsides darkgrey. Probably she used false eyelashes.. long ones. But you can create this look with a lot of layers. 

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  1. Ooo! Love the look selena's rocking :) Thanks for the inspiration!
    Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you! Yeah I think it's going to be her look or Kendal's :D. xo Happy New Year for you too!