30 dec. 2013

What if Barbie looked like a 'normal' girl

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This I had to share. Artist Nicoklay Lamm from mydeals.com made a new Barbie based on
the measurements of an average 19-year old teenager. I think the result is cute.
It's a good idea to sell Barbies with different body types.  So will the kids have different realistic images instead of a false one. Go Barbie!

2 opmerkingen :

  1. glad you shared this!! It was weird to look at this because we've all grown up looking at a distorted image! Seeing a Barbie with accurate proportions feels weird, but at the same time, a refreshing change!

  2. Thanks for your reaction. I feel the same way. When I was a kid Barbie was my nr. 1 toy and a way to fantasize about the future. I think this Barbie is cute too, and maybe I would have played with her, not sure... maybe they should consider to make a Barbie between these sizes ;).