31 okt. 2013

I put a spell on you, and now you're mine

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hocus pocus

Just loveeeeeeeeeeeeee Hocus Pocus! The best part is that the blond 
witch is my favorite girl Sarah Jessica Parker.. 

Link for one of the songs of the movie: I put a spell on you.
and also Sarah JP's song: come little children. 
Enjoy, and Happy Halloween you guys ;).

The girl of the moment

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One of the girls of the moment is definitely Lily Collins. If you don't know her no worries here a short introduction:
The actress started performing when she was a child. However... her main interest was journalism so she started writing columns like teen VOGUE.
She couldn't hide that she was a beautiful living being... and she started to get involved in more and more important movies, like 'Mirror mirror' with Julia Roberts.

However her real breakthrough is The Mortal instruments, now in the theaters. The movie is about supernatural talents and dark creatures (gives maybe a bit of a Twilight feeling).

She got some different looks: brown, black and even red hair. One major thing remains the same: her thick eyebrows. Which I think are kind of pretty, what do you think?

Trailer Mortal Instruments: check out this link.
Check out the book series too!


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29 okt. 2013

Pairi Daiza

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Last sunday I went with my friends to the zoo.
If you visite Belgium, or you live there you have to visite Pairi Daiza.
It's a extraordinary garden with plants, architecture and animals of all over the world. 
Come and see ;). (website: http://www.pairidaiza.eu/en)

Zoomed out my favorites: 
Timon and Pumba just chillaxing under the sun.

Just crashing under a plain: a hyena.

Be always blooming

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The quote: "Be Always Blooming" for me is about our potential for growth.

We are always growing with every thing that happens: every new person we meet, every book we read, and every step we take (even mistakes). When we get stuck in life, it's good to have a reminder to move on.

My kind of falljacket

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One of the reasons I just love fall is the clothing.
I love to layer my clothes and a jacket is of course the way to do it. 

Perfect way to give another dimension to your clothes: a jacket with a other color of sleeves. 

I own kind of the same jacket, it toughens up a look. 
This Danish girl got some style and if you don't know her 
blog you have to check it out: http://stonemuse.dk .

Parka's are coats with a hood often lined with (fake) fur. 
It's perfect to protect yourself for a cold windy day and still look pretty.

I love this scottish look.

This shows that an etnic/bohemian jacket can be perfect for fall.

25 okt. 2013


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I blame Harry Potter for my obsession with owls. I want/ed a pet just like him.
I won't buy an actual living one, but here's a way to bring some owl in to my live:

found this on: http://www.fecalface.com

Owl pocket watch mens pocket watch with by Charsfavoritethings, $50.00
Need this pocket watch, found it on etsy for 50 dollars. Hope I find a cheaper Europe-version soon!

15 Amazing And Useful Nails Tutorials #hair #beauty
I found this nail-tutorial on consiglimakeup (Italian website). 
Really cute, but I would just go for one finger per hand I think. 
One of these days I'll try this out.

Woodland Owl Teapot and Cup Set
How cute is this tea-pot from poketo.com! I think you can chose here and there a funny/cute item like this in your home decoration. If you don't overdo it, it can really stand out. 

Then there is a pinterstgirl who found some other cute owls: http://www.pinterest.com/littlereview/owls-in-art/


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Live with a smile,

that's the way I want to continue my journey.
This blog is a way to share the beautiful things I captured along the way.
The thing about me that you can't label me... different aspects in live can take my breath away.
Hope you enjoy it.

sweet hug from me,