25 okt. 2013


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I blame Harry Potter for my obsession with owls. I want/ed a pet just like him.
I won't buy an actual living one, but here's a way to bring some owl in to my live:

found this on: http://www.fecalface.com

Owl pocket watch mens pocket watch with by Charsfavoritethings, $50.00
Need this pocket watch, found it on etsy for 50 dollars. Hope I find a cheaper Europe-version soon!

15 Amazing And Useful Nails Tutorials #hair #beauty
I found this nail-tutorial on consiglimakeup (Italian website). 
Really cute, but I would just go for one finger per hand I think. 
One of these days I'll try this out.

Woodland Owl Teapot and Cup Set
How cute is this tea-pot from poketo.com! I think you can chose here and there a funny/cute item like this in your home decoration. If you don't overdo it, it can really stand out. 

Then there is a pinterstgirl who found some other cute owls: http://www.pinterest.com/littlereview/owls-in-art/

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  1. This is so you!
    You're doing a great job with your blog. Keep up the good work!
    I'll follow every post of you!

  2. Thank you sweetheart,
    It's all kind of new, but will sure try to stay myself!
    Love your blog too!
    xo xo