31 okt. 2013

The girl of the moment

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One of the girls of the moment is definitely Lily Collins. If you don't know her no worries here a short introduction:
The actress started performing when she was a child. However... her main interest was journalism so she started writing columns like teen VOGUE.
She couldn't hide that she was a beautiful living being... and she started to get involved in more and more important movies, like 'Mirror mirror' with Julia Roberts.

However her real breakthrough is The Mortal instruments, now in the theaters. The movie is about supernatural talents and dark creatures (gives maybe a bit of a Twilight feeling).

She got some different looks: brown, black and even red hair. One major thing remains the same: her thick eyebrows. Which I think are kind of pretty, what do you think?

Trailer Mortal Instruments: check out this link.
Check out the book series too!

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