12 nov. 2013


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Just so you know... winter is coming people!
The perfect time to make it cozy and light up some fire, fireplace, a bonefire...
Just don't forget to make time for yourself and the people around you to enjoy the comfort, the soft light of the fire and the warmth.

This Infinite Paradox | via Tumblr
DIY project: use some wood, and cut out some place for a teacandle.. perfect I think, and totally your creation.

Use more candles to get some cozy light.. 

Patio candles! Jars filled with sand.
Easy to do yourself, just get some old glass pots and white candles.. and some rice (a little layer.. depends on the pot).

How To: Make a Clementine Candle
 Make your clementine candle, watch it step for step: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfhvqUr0jrU
keep calm and be forever young | via Tumblr
With a plank you got yourself a bath-table!
Hope this inspired you to make a cozy atmosphere with candles...

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