16 nov. 2013

Hair is the new makeup

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More and more girls are paying attention to there hairstyles.
It seems it's less about makeup.. more about hair!
I am more a makeup-girl.. but I'm trying to get more interested in hairstyles,
otherwise it's always the same: natural curly and loose / or / flat and loose.
Got myself an ombre a half year ago... bought myself a curling iron for the finishing toughs.
me @ the beach

Things I found:
cute pony
Oversized sweater, shorts, tights, silver accessories, and braided updo. Love! Perfect fall outfit.
Dear @Elizabeth Lockhart Dehn | Beauty Bets (my beauty psychic): Y'day I saw 4 other gals in a local Edina drinking establishment w THE SAME hair as me. Sigh. Thoughts on maybe a chunky bang to modern things up? Or an already-gone trend? Bad for mah face? Any advice on this board of mine?  Ohhh, what does the future hold?  xoxo
small braid
Jessica Lowdnes looks amazing with her hair half up!

Victoria Secret Hair & makeup
The Victoria Secret girls, with the vavaVOOM hair. 

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