18 nov. 2013

I AMsterdam

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mostly mistaken his your tourism of the wrong kind (thank you Miley Cyrus too for that :-/).
Just wanted the world know, A'dam is worth so much more!
Went this week, and I enjoyed every minute of it. What a rich culture.

If you want to start your trip: get a bike. Everybody does it in A'dam, so watch out for the other bikers.


If you like arty-farty you have to go to the 'Rijksmuseum', museum with all the great names of Holland like Van Gogh. Also a cool place to take some pictures with the letters of 'I amsterdam'. 

If you like history (like snobby me ;)), you'll have to check out Anne Frank's house. 
Anne Frank is the most discussed Jewish victims of the Holocaust.  
She kept her diary, this book you can read. I strongly recommend the movie too.
The house is empty but will take you're breath away... you still feel the tense there.
Except when I'm with people that I'm confortable with or that I love...
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Enough culture maybe? The Hollanders know to shop, so enough places to do the same.

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funki -

You'll find the Kardashian collection @ de Bijenkorf. 

Don't forget the Amsterdam Dungeon. It's an 80 minute journey into 500 years of Amsterdam's horrible history. You'll laugh and scream as you encounter live actors with special effects. And last but not least... a ride in a church. Pure entertainment, and just next to madame Tussaud.

We slept near by the Hard Rock Café, this neighborhood is the perfect place to party.


Just don't forget Amsterdam can be a romantic place too:

lovely nights with lovely lights

Have fun like I did this week, xoxo

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